Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gratitude for the Simple Things

Today was just an ordinary day. I woke up at 10 am, showered, cleaned, cooked, called my mom and talked to her, sewed, and did some grocery shopping. Now, it may not seem like I have any reason to be grateful for any of this, but I can list 50.

1. I woke up. Not everyone did.
2. I was able to sleep in. Not everyone can.
3. I slept in a bed. Not everyone has one, and even if my bed is nothing more than an air mattress, it is more than many have tonight.
4. I slept in my own room. Not everyone has a room to themselves.
5. I slept in my own house. Not everyone has a home.
6. I had running water to use for my shower. Not everyone does.
7. I had hot water to use for my shower. Not everyone does.
8. I had clean clothes to wear. Not everyone does.
9. I had a home to clean. Not everyone does.
10. I know how to cook. Many people do not.
11. I had food to cook for breakfast. Not everyone did.
12. I had electricity to power my stove. Not everyone did.
13. I had a refrigerator to store perishable goods. Not everyone does.
14. I had hands to use to eat my food, wash my body, clean my home. Not everyone does.
15. I have a mother who is alive. Not everyone does.
16. I was able to call her because I have phone service. Not everyone does.
17. The phone allows me to talk to her even though we live more than 2400 miles apart. Praise God for the invention of the phone.
18. I know how to sew. Not everyone does.
19. I had fabric to sew. Not everyone does.
20. I had a pattern to use to sew. Not everyone does.
21. I had thread to use to sew. Not everyone does.
22. I have a sewing machine that works. Not everyone does.
23. I have scissors that work. Not everyone does.
24. I had the time and the space to sew. Not everyone does.
25. My husband is alive. Many widows wish theirs were.
26. My son is alive. Many mothers wish their sons were.
27. My family is healthy. Many families are not.
28. No one in my family is addicted to alcohol. Many people are.
29. No one in my family is addicted to drugs. Many people are.
30. No one in my family is addicted to nicotine. Many people are.
31. We have a vehicle. Many people do not.
32. Our vehicle runs. Many vehicles do not.
33. We had gasoline in our tank. Many people do not.
34. We had the money to buy what we needed at the store. Many people do not.
35. We did not have to make a long trip to get to the store. Many people do.
36. There was a store open in our area. Many people are going without that right now.
37. We went a day without any natural disasters. Many people are suffering because of them right now.
38. I know where my family is. Many people do not.
39. My family did not get into a single argument today. I can remember a time in my life when everyday brought at least one major argument and usually a half dozen less serious ones.
40. I have access to the internet to write this post. Many people do not.
41. I have a computer. Many people do not.
42. I know how to use a computer. Many people do not.
43. I can read. Many people cannot.
44. I can write. Many people cannot.
45. I have God. Many people do not.
46. I am not depressed. Many people are.
47. I have clean water to drink. Many people do not.
48. I can see. Many people cannot.
49. I spent time with my family. Many people cannot.
50. I can see all the reasons I have to be grateful. Many people cannot.

I have so many reasons to be grateful, and in each of these things I see God. I know that without Him, none of this would be possible.

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