Saturday, May 28, 2011


God talks to me every day. He does it through the things other people say to me, and those things they share with me along the way. Today, He has spoken to me through a friend of mine from Egypt. My friend is a Coptic Christian suffering persecutions by Muslims. We take turns encouraging one another in the faith. Yesterday it was my turn to encourage him by reminding him that we are to love even those who hate us so that through our love for them they may come to know Christ. It is a hard thing to keep in mind when your homes and churches are burned, your livelihood is destroyed, and the government looks the other way as these things are done. Today it was his turn to encourage me.

I invited him to come and to stay with me and my family as a tourist. He has long dreamed of visiting the US, but there have been a lot of obstacles along the way. The latest obstacle to come up is that the US Embassy is saying my letter inviting him to come stay with me is not an invitation. Mina reminded me that if this visit to America is something that God wills for him, then God will make straight the paths. If it is not, no amount of work on our part will be sufficient. It was a reminder that all things in my life are in God's hands. If a thing is His will, nothing will stop it but by like token if it is not His will no amount of effort on our part will move Him. This is a very needed reminder during a time in my life when I'm struggling financially.

Then, later, Mina shared this video with me. I am reminded of my complacency. I am reminded that, though I say that I am grateful for Christ's salvations, too often my actions do not reflect gratitude. I do not do enough to share Christ's hope with others. I do not do enough to share who I am and what I have with those who need it. God is right. I am complacent, and I need to change. I need to refocus, to force myself out of my comfort zone and place myself at the service of those around me. Let the world think me a fool if in my foolishness I can save one person.

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