Monday, May 16, 2011

God Doesn't Need Your Help With the Guest List

God knows how to count, and He knows what we need.
God created this world. He knows exactly how many people will fit into it. So, He knows exactly how many babies to create at any given moment in history. It may shock and amaze some people to hear this, but He really does have a handle on it.

I am continually amazed to find people who tell me that they are Christian in one breath and in the other breath tell me that they support abortion, or that they are contracepting, or support contraception. These people are well-meaning but obviously haven't thought through their position.

 If you are Christian, that means you follow Christ. Christ assured us that we were worth more than two sparrows, but that even still not one sparrow fell without the Father knowing that it had happened. Christ also assured us that the Father numbered every single one of the hairs on each of our respective heads.

 If God is so careful to number each of our hairs on each of our heads, I assure you the math for how many people will fit on planet earth is not beyond the same God who created and named all the stars.

Those who worry about overpopulation are being motivated by a fear that there will come a day when there is not enough food, land, or space for them. Be not afraid. Christ promised us that God knows that we need all these things and He will provide them to us.

 If we run out of land, it is not beyond Him to create more. If we run out of food, He can cause it to fall from the sky. If we do not have enough space, He will provide us with more. He really, truly, does have it all under control and all without any help from us.

Those who are contracepting are motivated by fear that their lives will be changed for the worse by a child. They fear they don't have what it takes to be a parent, or that they won't have enough to share with another child since they already have one or more. They worry that they don't have enough money, or enough time, or that they aren't healthy enough. Again, God knows better than you do what is coming in the future.

 He will provide. Just trust Him. Whatever your circumstances are right now they are temporary. If God brings you a new life, it is because He sees a need that only that child can answer. He's asking for your yes to bearing it for Him - giving you an awesome opportunity to participate in salvation just as He once gave a 14 year old Jewish girl that same opportunity.

 Will you face some rough times? Yes, you will. Will there be moments of uncertainty and doubt? Count on it. Will it require you to sacrifice? Beyond a shadow of a doubt. Will it be worth it? More than you can ever comprehend.

Those who support contraception are being arrogant. They assume that they know, far better than God does, who is a fit parent. But while they judge the surface - the crack addicted woman, the alcoholic man, the poor college student - God judges the heart. He knows that the kind of love a parent has for a child may very well be the only thing that saves that parent.

 He also knows that the children that grow up in such environments can fill a prison or can become a nation's greatest asset. It's a risk, but God's a gambler. He risks it all for the sake of love.

Those who abort are even more afraid than those who are contracepting - so afraid of the future that they are willing to kill to protect themselves from it. They can't see beyond the circumstances of their life right now, and have no hope for the future. They don't really believe that God will take care of them. Either they do not know God at all, or their fear leads them to doubt Him, or they cannot see past the hopes and dreams they had for a future that will be irrevocably changed by the new life they carry.

To these women, and the men in their lives, I pray that you will give God a chance. Trust in Him. Trust that He has given you that child for a reason and that reason is not to destroy your life but to change it for your good. That child as yet unborn is a gift not only to the mother and the father but to the entire world. Don't trash the gift.

The long and the short of this post is that God knows what He's doing. He doesn't need your help with the guest list. He knows how many people will fit on our planet, and He can expand it if the need arises.

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