Monday, May 30, 2011

Why Gays Aren't Suitable Parents

What I am about to say is going to make some people very angry. The truth tends to do that sometimes. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that speaking the truth is the greatest act of charity one can perform in a society that has forgotten there is truth. So, here I go.

Every child is conceived with a male parent and a female parent. In vitro fertilization has not changed this fact. Every woman must still obtain the help of a man in order to become pregnant, whether she acknowledges the man as the father of the child or not does not change this simple fact. Every man must have the aide of a woman in order to become a father. Surrogacy and egg donations do not change that fact. It is an absolute point of truth that every single child ever born on this planet, including Jesus Christ, had a mother and a father.

Because we all begin as a combination of male and female, we need both a male parent and a female parent to help us unpack the mystery of ourselves and learn to relate to others. Simply put, a man cannot teach a girl how to be a woman anymore than a woman can teach a boy how to be a man. Only a woman can teach a boy how to respectfully relate to women on a non-sexual level just as only a man can teach a girl how to respectfully relate to a man on a non-sexual level. Only a heterosexual couple living in a healthy marriage can teach a child how to live out a healthy, heterosexual marriage. Gay parents simply do not have the ability, no matter how well-intentioned or caring they might be, to provide a child with what they need emotionally for proper social development.

Those who read what I am writing may leap, quite logically, to the conclusion that this means that single parenting is inadequate for a child's proper social development. It is. Most of the prisons are filled with the children of single parents. Single children struggle far more than children from two parent homes to form lasting relationships with the opposite sex. This is true even if the child was abandoned before birth and has no recollection of the missing parent. The truth is that no amount of love on the part of gay or lesbian partners can fill in that gap even if the couple in question is entirely monogamous and remains together for a lifetime.

Furthermore, countless studies show that there is a marked increase in suicide rates for people engaged in gay or lesbian lifestyles, in some cases it is three times as high as in the general population. Children of parents who commit suicide are three times as likely as other children to commit suicide as well. Drug abuse and alcoholism are prevalent among those communities as well, and it is a fact that parental drug and alcohol abuse are key risk factors in a child's decision to experiment with drugs or alcohol. Even if the parents themselves do not abuse drugs or alcohol, they are highly likely to socialize with couples who do as it is a natural and human tendency to gather with others of similar beliefs and interests.

Adoption agencies are charged with placing children in safe environments where the child's needs will be met. It is unfair to the child and grossly negligent to knowingly place them in a home where not only will their full needs not be met but where there are so many risk factors for danger present. It is unethical to conduct this kind of social experiment where we take helpless children and place them in these environments because we are testing our hypothesis that placing them in these environments is not harmful to their health. Children should not be treated as lab rats, and children in the foster and adoption systems should not be given less consideration than children from homes where both parents love them.

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