Friday, June 24, 2011

By their fruits you will know them

If you were to walk along an orchard and there were many trees that you did not recognize, you would look for the fruit that they bear in order to tell what kind of tree it was. Peach trees bear peaches, and orange trees bear oranges. Christ tells us that if we are to figure out who are those among us that may truly be trusted, whose hearts are truly with Him, we must not judge them by their words or by their writings but by their actions - by the things they do and the results of those actions.

Recently, Bill and Melinda Gates along with Warren Buffet issued what sounds like a truly charitable challenge: for the world's billionaires to donate half of their money to charitable causes either now or at their death.  The message on the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation webpage sounds equally charitable: All lives have equal value.  On the surface, Bill and Melinda Gates appear to be very generous, very caring people who are sincerely interested in the welfare of the world's poorest. The media certainly believes so, and many Americans believe it as well.  

However, as with the tree one needs to look for the fruit of the Bill and Melinda Gates' Foundation work to see whether or not there is true charity involved or if there is something else altogether. In a transcript of an interview done with Bill Moyers, Bill Gates admits that his father "was head of Planned Parenthood. And it was very controversial to be involved with that. And so it's fascinating."  His tax returns from 2009 reveal over 5.5 million dollars given to Planned Parenthood, an organization well known for providing abortions and birth control. He gave 22 million dollars to Planned Parenthood in 2007.  Bill Gates has stated that his plan for the world is to reduce the population by 10-15%. He stated that part of that plan was to use vaccinations as  a means of doing so. His claim is logical, that women have more children when they have fewer children surviving.  Unfortunately, a glance at the fruit of this vaccination initiative reveals its rotten core. According to LifeSite News, UNICEF has twice been found guilty of giving vaccines to women in poor countries that were laced with sterilization agents. Funding for those tainted vaccines was provided in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Current projects of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation include the use of ultrasound to sterilize men and a sweat-activated vaccine utilizing nanoparticles, both of which could be used to sterilize millions of people without their consent, something which has been recommended by President Obama's top science and technology advisor, John P. Holdron. Incidentally, Bill Gates does think there need to be death panels. He has also stated that doing a "really great job" with vaccines, health care, and reproductive health services could help reduce the population by 10-15%.  As Christ said, we are not to be fooled by the appearance of a thing. We are to examine the fruit, and in this case the fruit of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is death. 

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