Friday, June 10, 2011

The Simple Things

I came to Elko, Nevada a different person than I am today. These six months have radically altered my life for the better. A year ago, if I had $60 it would have been spent about as quickly as it was received. A thousand dollars would have been blown through in less than two weeks time. I know this. I've done this. I've always regretted it later, but I lacked the self-control to do any better.

Over these last six months I've learned to invest in the things that matter: to invest in God because He's the only sure bet there ever is or was and to invest in the future by buying bulk food. I've learned that it is always less expensive to pay whatever bills I may have today than to wait until tomorrow when it will be harder to be able to pay them. I have learned to say no to the impulses which have led me to make purchases that weren't necessary rather than holding on to the money I would need later. I have learned to put the effort in to cook meals at home rather than eating out.

I have learned not to take the simple things for granted, and to rejoice in what I have today. I have learned that I can wait, that I can be patient, and that what I desire does not have to be fulfilled that instant. Often, by waiting, I get not only what I want but more besides. Waiting also helps me to slow down and evaluate whether this is a desire worth pursuing or something trivial that I can pass by without regret. I am not yet perfected in my spending habits, but I am getting better every day.

None of this would have happened had we stayed in Texas. None of this would have happened if Randy had not lost his job last month, had we found new employment easily or had money come in quickly from the game Randy's developing. It all came to pass because God allowed us to suffer a little bit now so that when the time for suffering is over, we will be the better for having gone through it. In all things, God desires our happiness but He also understands as a loving parent that sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice happiness temporarily to gain a greater joy later on. He is teaching me, and I am grateful for the lesson.

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