Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony: Judge Not, Lest Ye Also Be Judged

Casey Anthony has been acquitted.  There are plenty of people who think they know the whole story and feel justice has been denied to baby Caylee, the daughter Casey was accused of killing.  However, only God knows whether Casey was truly guilty or not. His justice will prevail, though it may take time to reveal itself. In the meantime, it is imperative that we not give in to the temptation to believe that the story the media presents is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  There is quite likely much more to the story.

I will tell you the story of another young mother whose story I personally knew. The media told the story like this: She gave birth in the early morning hours, clipped the cord, placed baby and evidence in a garbage bag, and threw it into a dumpster.  She waited until after the garbage came to go to her family practitioner, who immediately sent her to the hospital due to blood loss and vaginal tearing.  The baby died before her little body, crushed by the trash compactor, was finally found.

The case went to trial in an election year. The prosecution was determined to get a conviction.  The mother was sent to jail.  People in Denton, where the case took place, who did not know the mother felt justice had been done.  I still don't. I knew the mother. I knew the mother's mother, and I knew the facts didn't fit.

The mother lived in an apartment complex. She gave birth, supposedly, on the front porch and tore in the process but never cried out? Supposedly, no one heard her. This girl, who suffered enough blood loss that she ended up having more than 2 liters replaced when she finally was admitted to the hospital, was then clear headed enough to manage to trek from the front porch to the kitchen to get the trash bag, scissors, and towels needed to cut the cord and clean up the blood on the porch without leaving a single trail of blood on her journey? Furthermore, she was methodical enough to clean off the porch completely EXCEPT for leaving behind a bloody pair of scissors and the umbilical cord? Rather than passing out, as one might do when faced with so much pain and blood loss, she then drug a very heavy garbage bag containing the full weight of a 7 pound 13 ounce baby girl plus blood soaked towels more than 20 feet to the dumpster and heaved the whole thing over the side without anyone noticing.  The mother of this girl, who was such a light sleeper that talking in the next room often woke her up during the many times I spent the night, supposedly slept through this whole affair? At 5 am, this same mother claimed she found her daughter in a bathtub full of blood. Instead of immediately taking her daughter to the hospital, she helped her get out, dry off, and then put her to bed until they could see the family doctor??

The hospital doctor who treated her testified on the witness stand that this girl was not in shock when she arrived at the hospital, that she was joking and laughing with the staff. This despite the fact she had such severe vaginal tearing they put more than a dozen stitches in her and she had lost more than 2 liters of blood which is more than enough to make most grown men pass out. The hospital doctor was up for election to the city council and helping the prosecution to convict this girl would go a long way toward helping him win.

Even the police admitted, after the case was over, that the mother of this girl should have been brought up and questioned. That never happened.  The girl's mother paid for an attorney with no experience in trying criminal cases.  The girl's mother was abusive to the girl, and the girl had been raped by the son of a man her mother met on the internet and later married.  This girl was ardently pro-life and had talked many, many people out of abortions. I do not for a minute believe that this girl was truly guilty, but the media spun their story and those up for election didn't bother to ask the questions that needed to be asked.

So, before you think to judge Casey Anthony as guilty when she has been found not guilty, just remember that you don't know all the facts. You don't know everything that happened. You do not have the right to judge her, or to condemn her.  Caylee is dead. This much we know. It's a tragedy, that too we know. But we do not know who did it or why.

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