Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bigger than your problems

Yesterday, discouraged because answers to my prayers do not seem to be forthcoming, I prayed that since it was obviously not God's will that my prayers be answered that He give me the graces I need to accept whatever WAS His will.  This was a couple of hours before leaving work. After work, I went directly to Adoration to spend some time with our Lord in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

As I sat there, I read the day's Mass readings.  The first reading was about the Israelites.  They had spent just two weeks in the desert and were gathered together at the border of the land of Canaan.  God commanded them to choose one prince from each tribe to go into the land of Canaan, gather information, and report back their findings.  When the princes returned, they reported that the land did flow with milk and honey, and fruits of all kinds just as God had said.  However, it was full of giants and was going to be too tough for their little army to overcome.  Caleb alone spoke with confidence and encouraged the Israelites to have faith. Unfortunately, nobody was listening to Caleb that day and so God told the Israelites that since they had no faith in His ability to deliver them, He would punish them by giving them exactly what they expected to receive - nothing. The adults among them would not live to see the promised land, and the whole tribe would spend 40 years wandering the desert before God would deliver the promised land to the nation of Israel.

The second reading was the Canaanite woman who came begging help from Jesus for her daughter. The disciples wanted to send her away, and even Christ seemed to be ignoring her at first. Yet, she persisted in her requests. Christ spoke what seemed to be harsh words to her, telling her he had come for the children of God and would not give the food intended for His children to the dogs. She challenged him, saying even the dogs were permitted to eat the scraps that fell from the table. Her reward for her endurance, her persistence, and her faith that Christ could do this miracle for her if He willed it was that her daughter was healed. She got her prayer answered.

God's message to me in these things was clear - have faith that I am bigger than your obstacles. Persist in prayer. Keep believing. Don't give up, the race is almost won. I haven't received what I've been asking for yet, but I know that I will. It's only a matter of waiting for God to decide the appropriate time and place.  My confidence is great enough that I will share with you the details of my prayer. I will let you know as each one is answered.

1) That I receive the $1330 needed to catch up all my past due bills;
2) That my husband may find gainful employment;
3) That we may receive the 8th and Fir St. house (it's still up for auction);
4) That all of our debts may be repaid (about $100,000 worth of debts);
5) That my friend, Mina, may have his Visa application approved so that he can come to the United States.

These things are beyond my ability to do. My job simply doesn't make enough to cover it. However, I am the daughter of a God who can take nothing and bring about an entire universe out of it. I am the sister of a God-man who can take 5 loaves and 2 fishes and feed 5000 families out of it with plenty left over for the next day. I know there is nothing God cannot accomplish, no victory He cannot secure, if I have faith in Him and persist in prayer.  His will be done, but it is His will that I have total faith in Him.

What is your need for today? Leave a comment below, and I'll add you to my prayers. Together, let's move mountains!

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