Sunday, January 29, 2012

Defending the Dignity of the Homosexual

I have read more than my fair share of articles in which it is stated that homosexual relationships should be excused because those who are attracted to members of the same sex are "born that way" and "don't have a choice". This makes me so angry.  To equate homosexuals with animals, who can't control their impulses and urges, is an affront to the dignity of every single person who is same-sex attracted.  It's condescending, prejudicial, and just plain wrong. I refuse to give in to this nauseating trend. I refuse to strip those who are same-sex attracted of their dignity.

We are not our genes.  Our future may be shaped by our genetics, but it is not determined by it.  Our future as human beings is determined by the choices we make. We, as human beings, have a choice.  This is what separates us from animals, sets us apart, and it is our undeniable birthright. When we excuse a human being's behavior by saying, "they can't help themselves" or "they were born that way" we are stripping them of their dignity as a human being and shortchanging them of the greatness it is possible for them to achieve. No one deserves that.

I hate that the media and our society in general has attempted to reduced those who are same-sex attracted to a single label of homosexual. I hate that the media and our society in general have relegated them to being animals who are unable to control their urges and impulses.  Every person who is same-sex attracted is so much more than just "gay" or "homosexual" or "lesbian".  Those labels may reflect their sexual choices, but they are not reflective of their entire person.  Every human being is complex, unique, beautiful, and wonderful in their own way - their sexual choices and preferences are just one aspect of a plethora of factors that make them who they are. I refuse to bend to the trend. I refuse to strip them of their dignity as a human being and I refuse to reduce them to their sexuality.

Some people may be confused by this blog post. I stand, and remain firm in my stance, opposed to same-sex marriage. I believe it to be physically, psychologically, and spiritually harmful to the individuals involved and to society in general. I make no apologies for this stance.  If my defense of the dignity of those who struggle with same-sex attractions seems contrary, it isn't.  I oppose same-sex relationships not because I hate those who are so attracted, but because of the deep and abiding love I have not only for them, but for all human beings. I defend their dignity for the same reason that I oppose their behavior: as my brothers and sisters in Christ, they deserve nothing less from me.

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