Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rape, Abortion, and the "War on Women"

Rebecca Kiesling and a younger woman
at the March for Life in D.C. January 2012
Rape and abortion are hot topics these days, in light of the unfortunately chosen words from Republican candidate Todd Akin.  Democrats are using this as an opportunity to continue to try and paint conservatives as waging a "war on women" because we don't support the killing of the unborn, no matter how their lives began.  I can't speak for everyone else on this topic, but I can speak for myself and from what I have personally witnessed.

Todd Akin was wrong.  Children do get conceived during rape, and while it doesn't happen as commonly as children conceived during consensual sex, it still happens. In fact, it happens in one out of every 15 rape cases. My brother was conceived during rape.  My father forced himself on my mother, and this is how my brother came into being.  My brother bears a very strong resemblance to my father, but he's not my father. He was one of the gentlest and most loving individuals you might ever hope to meet as a child.  I would not be the person I am today had my mother have chosen to abort him, and I wouldn't have two terrific nieces and one awesome nephew.  Our family would be emptier, not better for it.

My stepfather molested me for five years before I finally got him put away and out of my life. Just before he was convicted and sent to prison, though, my mother found out she was expecting his child. That child brought our family, wounded and reeling from the devastating effects of that abuse, closer together.  She united us in ways we hadn't been united for years.  She was pure blessing, and a beautiful child to boot.  Did I sometimes catch glimpses of her father in her? Yes. Did that stop me from loving her? Not at all.  Simply put, she wasn't him. She didn't deserve to be tagged with his crimes simply because she shared some genetics with him.  She was a unique individual, and had been from the moment my mother discovered her pregnancy.

You see, advocating abortion for rape victims does NOTHING to help them overcome their pain. In fact, it increases their chances of drug or alcohol addictions and increases their chances of eventually committing suicide.  Two wrongs do not make a right.  You cannot make a rape right by killing the child that's conceived during rape.  The only thing killing the baby does is help to destroy the evidence that a crime was ever committed.

God knows the heart of each woman intimately and personally.  He knows how to speak to her heart, and He knows better than she does what she can and can't handle. He doesn't send that baby to her so that He can force her to relive the rape.  He sends it to her so that she knows she is never alone, and as His promise to her that she has a better future up ahead of her.

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