Thursday, November 29, 2012

Prayers of the Little Children

I teach 5th grade Catechism classes on Wednesday nights.  My kids are an awesome group, with such a sweetness of heart and a sincerity to them.  I wouldn't trade this group for the world.  I am honored and privileged to be entrusted with the responsibility of helping them to develop a relationship with Christ and to understand what it means to walk with Him as a Catholic Christian.

Here are the prayers these children gave to Jesus last night:

1. Today I pray for my family.
2. Today I pray that God would make me smart.
3. Today I pray for Mrs. Miller
4. Today I pray for all the people that are sick.
5. Today I pray for Alexa.
6. Today I pray for my friends.
7. Today I pray for my family
8. Today I pray for my grandpa and grandma.
9. Today I pray for my aunt who just had a baby.

I ask that you adopt at least one of these prayers and join with that child in praying.  Despite being in 5th grade and having been raised in primarily Christian homes, they have often had very little real learning on what it means to live out their faith in everyday life.  You have no idea what it would mean to them to know that someone else is praying with them, and to see those prayers answered.

Pray for me, too, while you are at it, that I may lead them to better know and embrace the love that God has for each one of them so that they might one day be able to share that faith with others.

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