Friday, November 30, 2012

Preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus: Day 2

Follow along in the book by downloading the pdf file. Today's readings are on pages 19-21.

My thoughts on the readings:

First, to limit man to his biology or his environment is to deny him his dignity as a human being and to consign him to a slavery to it. If man is able to choose to sin, man is also free to choose not to sin.  He is not a slave, then, to his biology or his past but can rise above those things to become someone better. This is the good news which sets captives free.

Every time that someone says, "He can't help it, he was born this way" or "That's just how he is" or "He lacks good breeding", that person is denying the dignity and freedom of that person. They are treating them as if they were animals. We do not expect an animal to control their urges.  The dog barks, the cat hisses, and we understand that there really isn't anything to do about it. It's just part of who they are and we either accept that and love them in spite of it or we don't.  However, human beings are capable of suppressing negative desires and choosing positive instead. We are capable of overcoming our past history and our genetics in this way. We may have to fight those things and we may struggle with them daily, but if we choose we can do it.

Second, that every choice we make affects everyone else. The biggest lie we ever tell ourselves is, "I'm not hurting anyone else." Since we cannot see the ties that bind us all together, it is understandable for someone to believe this who does not know Christ.  It is not understandable that Christians would say it.  We are all members of Christ's body, and if one cell in the body suffers, all the cells suffer with it.  In fact, it could be said that cancer is a situation where certain cells in the body rebel against their Creator and cause the rest of the body to be in peril because of it.  If the situation is not resolved, if those cells are not removed, then the body will succumb to death.  Our sins do not only impact us, they impact the whole world.  The good news in this is that our good choices also do not just impact us, they impact the whole world.  What a grand thought to hold onto, that simply by making a decision to be obedient to God I have made the world a better place already!

The third thought that came to mind as I was reading is that Mary is the New Garden of Eden.  Inside of her, the new Adam - Jesus Christ - was conceived and created.  Likewise, when it was the appropriate time, it was also inside of her that the new Eve - the Bride of Christ - was conceived and created.  If we wish to be given the promised fruit from the Tree of Life, we will have to enter into Mary's mysteries to do so, for this is where God has chosen to hide it.

Page 367: 53a Examination of Conscience Based on Scripture’s Four C’s
Page 307: Veni Creator
Today's Rosary Mysteries: The Sorrowful Mysteries

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