Monday, December 3, 2012

Preparation for Total Consecration Day 4

The Holy Spirit drives both diversity and unity in the Church. He drives diversity so that all tasks may be accomplished, and unity so that all are working toward the same goal. The Eucharist which nourishes the Church is given to keep the diverse members united as one Body, and is a gift given not merely to be received and set upon a shelf but received first and then lived out. This is a gift with a grave responsibility, not to be taken lightly, to be as Mary is: a trustworthy vessel of God’s grace, carrying it out into the world and thereby to transform it.

We are not meant to live alone. Our diversity ensures that we must rely upon others for help and for completion. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, our lives only have their fullest meaning when all pieces are present. For many of us, our lives make absolutely no sense until we live them in community. We have these little twists and turns, these talents and gifts that seem pointless until brought together with someone else’s need. Diversity is not meant to divide us, but to bring us together for mutual gain.

“All the true children, the chosen ones of heaven, have God for their Father, and Mary for their mother.Whoever does not have Mary for his mother does not have God for his Father.” – St. Luis de Montfort, True Devotion to Mary, Chapter 2

If we are to have Christ as our brother, by necessity we must have Christ’s parents for our own. Christ’s mother was Mary, so it stands to reason that if we are His brother, Mary is our mother, too. This is even supported by the statements of Saint Paul that we are all one body in Christ. For if we are a member of Christ’s body, Christ’s body has Mary for its mother, and thus we too have Mary for our mother. It is this simple.

“This man and that man is born in her,” Psalm 86

In the womb of the Virgin Mary, the members of Christ’s original body are formed just as they were when He was first conceived. Though it is a mystery for men, since we are confined to linear notions of time and space, this is a simple thing for God. God lives outside time and space and there is no past, present, or future for Him. There is only now. Now is the time when the members of Christ’s body are being formed, just as now was the time they were being formed when the Angel Gabriel came to announce His entrance into human history. If we are to become a member of Christ’s body, we must enter it through the Virgin Mary.

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