Monday, December 3, 2012

Preparation for Total Consecration Day 5

Meditation on Today's Readings:

Holiness is not to be reserved for the select few. It is possible to practice selfless love in everyday life. The ordinary can be lifted to the altars of the Most High by simply doing these things for God as a sign of our love. Then, they become a sacrificial offering. Think of it. Nobody wants to take out the garbage, but doing it out of love for God and as a sacrificial offering to Him is a simple way to make the task of taking out the garbage holy. Can you imagine? By doing those things we don’t like doing all for the sake of Christ and as a sacrifice to Him, they become the very means of sanctifying our lives and making them holier. What a great gift!

Of course, holiness is not merely sacrifice. Stewardship plays a role in it, too. We must ensure that we employ every talent we have, every gift we possess, to its fullest capacity in the service of God. The artist should strive to perfect his or her artwork and do it all for Christ. The writer should strive to perfect his or her writing and offer it all to God. The same is true with the programmer, the marketer, the housewife, the butcher, the baker, and anyone else. Whatever talent or gift you have you are called to use as a means of helping to spread God’s great news throughout the whole world.

Mary is the tree of life, from which the fruit of eternal life in the person of Christ Jesus, springs. Her path to holiness was not in doing many great things, but in doing the ordinary things for God. She used every good thing that happened to her as a means to spread her faith in Christ to others. She did everything, even attending the wedding feast at Cana, as a means of revealing Christ.

St. Augustine, according to St. Luis de Montfort, called our Blessed Mother the “mold of God’ – if we would be formed into the image of Christ, we must pour ourselves into her. It is the fastest, easiest, and least painful method of becoming Christ-like. However, to be molded we must first be melted, and to be melted we must be willing to endure the fires that will test us.

“For in fire, gold is tested; and worthy men in the crucible of humiliation” – Sirach 2:5

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Prayer to Blind Satan – page 318

Rosary Mysteries: Joyful

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