Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Preparation for Total Consecration: Day 6

Christ is the revelation of God’s mercy. This mercy is infinite, and the only possible limit to it is what man imposes either by rejecting or by refusing this gift. Conversion is a discovering of this gift of mercy, of a love that is both patient and persistent in pursuit of our hearts. Conversion is not something that happens once and is done, but is a continual process of dying to self, being reborn, and growing in grace. Those who are truly followers of Christ can be accurately said to live in a state of conversion. To understand this mystery better is to examine the nature of any relationship. We do not ever fully know the other person, there is always some new facet to them we have not seen or have only glimpsed and which can be further examined.

God’s mercy came to us first through the womb of Mary. It was her willingness to be the vessel that carried mercy that ensured the entire race of men could one day enter into Heaven’s glory. There is nothing we can do to repay the debt we owe her, except to love her son. She, for her own part, asks for nothing for herself. She desires only that others come to know her son and adore him as she does. When shepherds were sent to the stable where she bore Christ, she did not demand tribute or even acknowledgement. She beckoned them closer to Jesus, wanting only that they should see in Him the glory of God.

When wise men came bringing gifts, she did not demand that they even acknowledge her. She revealed her son to them so that they, too, could come to know Him. At the wedding feast of Cana, she did not turn to the servants and demand so much as a thank you for her intercession on her behalf. She desired only that they do as her son instructed them, and delighted as they glorified the Lord after Jesus worked His first public miracle. This is her way. You can almost hear her say, “Have I got a son for you!”

Mary’s entire purpose in her life is to help us to better understand the mystery of Christ. Drawing near to her, we draw near to Him. She explains to us all that she knows of Him, speaking to our hearts and making the conversion process take less time. It is the difference between getting to know someone on your own, without ever meeting their family, and getting to know someone through their family. There is so much that is revealed when you meet the family. It is a shortcut, if you will, to truly understanding them. So it is with Mary and Jesus. To know Jesus better, you must draw near to Mary.

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