Sunday, January 27, 2013

We Enter In

We enter in, young and old, foolish and wise, short and tall, rich and poor.  Our voices are hushed, the excitement passing unimpeded in the silence that fills this place.  The expectation and longing can be felt, we've waited so long for this day to come.  The sweet sounds of the chimes counts down the moments at last, and then a breath, two breaths, and the first strains of a heavenly chorus are heard.  Who can resist joining in? The joy is infectious, contagious, the moment of victory is here at last!

Enter the King, radiant and resplendent, dressed in his finest garments.  Carried by the angels, accompanied by the heavenly host, He enters in and ascends His throne. The music stops as His great voice speaks, calling us to unity, to repent, to forgive.  Then angels pick up the hymn once again singing Glory to God in the Highest!  Now, a voice speaks, reminding us of all that God has done for us throughout all of history, reminding us of all the sacrifices and struggles that were made on our behalf so that we might join with Him this day.  We are blessed, and we know that we are blessed.  We are humbled and gratitude fills our hearts.

In our gratitude, we select our bridal gifts, each giving as we are able. We place these gifts before the throne.  We sing as we collect these gifts, singing of our gratitude, singing of our joy at the invitation to such a heavenly event.  We know that they are not even close to worthy of the One to whom they are given but we have nothing better to offer and it is our love for Him that makes the gifts acceptable.  There, at the foot of His table, the gifts are gathered.  Then, the Bride arrives. Her purity and beauty are unmatched.  Our excitement grows, for we know the Wedding Feast is not far from now. We sing to the King as the wedding feast is prepared and then we celebrate together this wondrous banquet where all are fed and all are given drink and there is perfect unity in this place.  The Bridegroom and Bride are at last united, joy is perfected, and peace settles like a dove over all that are present. When all have been fed, we are sent forth into the world to carry invitations to others who were not at the feast this day, to call them into unity with the God who loves them.

This is the Mass.  This is the beauty and the perfection of the Mass.  This is why I go, as often as I can.  For only in the Mass can I taste Heaven, even if it is only for a short time.  It is only in the Mass that I can receive my bridegroom, Christ Jesus, and enter into that perfect union for at least a little while.  Nowhere else offers me this. If my eyes do not see it, it is only because my sins have blinded me. If my ears do not hear it, it is only because my sins have deafened me.  However, my heart knows it, and my soul craves it. I, for my part, will be there.  Will you?

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