Friday, April 12, 2013

News You Won't Hear from the Media: Kermit Gosnell Trial

If an ordinary man had killed 7 infants and more than one woman, plus kept a macabre assortment of infant feet and hands and heads in his place of business, this news would have been plastered on every screen in America from the moment the trial began until well before it ended.  Kermit #Gosnell did these things, but you aren't hearing this from the ordinary media outlets.  The AP won't cover it.  The New York Times remains silent.  The Wall Street Journal lacks the guts to approach it.  The Atlantic JUST reported on it.  So what makes this trial so special, so worthy of being willfully ignored by the mainstream media?  Simple.  It's the trial of a black abortionist.

You see, the mainstream media supports Planned Parenthood and proudly defends the right to kill innocent children in the womb.  Kermit #Gosnell didn't stop with children in the womb.  He killed them once they emerged from the womb, too, but that brings to light the fact that abortion really is killing a baby - something that the media is uncomfortable addressing.  They want to say that abortions are safe, rare, and legal - but this trial would make Americans ask whether that should still be the case or not.  After all, if killing a baby a few seconds after birth is murder, isn't it murder to kill them before they are born, too? If killing them when they are 36 weeks old is murder, what about when they are 32 weeks old and could survive outside the womb?  What about when they are 30 weeks old?  Where do we draw the line?  The media isn't comfortable allowing Americans to ask these questions because it might stir the question of whether or not pro-choice laws are as much about choice as they are about money.

Of course, it isn't just 7 infants Kermit Gosnell killed. He killed at least one woman, too, due to a botched abortion.  Who knows how many other women he killed because he sent them to the emergency rooms of nearby hospitals where doctors didn't report that these women had been in the process of an abortion.  Some of them may not have died, they may simply have been sterilized for life. That the media is silent on this matter tells me that they know that addressing the facts of this case would effectively remove many of the arguments they've been making.  It would show that the pro-life side is the side that's more concerned about both women and babies, and it would change the dialogue of the nation.

That's the reason that I and my husband are choosing to participate in Break the Gosnell media blackout through our Twitter feed.  We've scheduled Twitter posts to update once an hour on our business accounts, and our personal accounts.  We're going to talk about this case, and we're going to keep talking so that the media can't bury this story.  We want the attention given to this case that it deserves, and if the media won't do its job, we will do the job for them.

The pictures at the top of this article are just a few of the babies that Gosnell murdered in his years as an abortionist.  The rest of the story

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