Sunday, April 21, 2013

Paper and a Party Do Not a Marriage Make

There is some great confusion these days over marriage, much of it stirred by those whose aim is to redefine it so that they can later destroy it. Many who embrace so-called "marriage equality" do so out of ignorance, not malice, and it is to these I address my comments.

Marriage is more than paper and a party.  It's more than getting dressed in a fancy (or not-so-fancy) outfit and having friends over for food and tasty beverages.  It is more than signing a piece of paper or printing an announcement in a newspaper.  Marriage is a sacrament.  It is a bond between a man, a woman, and God which can never be broken.  It elevates the relationship from being a simple human relationship to being something divine  These invisible bonds which tie the three together are what hold the marriage and the family together through every hardship, adversity, and trial along the way.

There is no such thing as gay marriage.  You can pretend all you like, but when two people of the same sex gather together to sign a paper, the appearance may resemble a marriage, but the substance isn't the same.  It's a very different creature altogether because God isn't in that union.  It's simple a secular relationship, with no divine spark to give it life, and no divine bond holding the two partners together. I've been in a marriage where God wasn't part of it, and I've been in a marriage where God was definitely there every moment of it.  Believe me, those are two completely different animals who bear only passing resemblance to one another.

So, regardless of what the Supreme Court decides on the matter, and regardless of how many state leaders decide to make those marriages legal and try to force people to call an apple an orange, this changes nothing.  Marriage can't be redefined by men because marriage doesn't belong to men.  It is a creation of God, and it is His province to determine what makes a marriage and what doesn't.  We can rail against Him if we like, but it won't change the nature of humanity.  All that we're likely to do is hurt ourselves and others as we keep running into that brick wall rather than acknowledging its existence and moving past it.

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