Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thirsting for Souls

I have an older sister that I desperately and dearly love.  Yet no matter how hard I try to reach her, she won't let me into her life.  She ignores my letters, my friend requests, and when we are together she has nothing nice to say to me.  It kills me because I love her so very, very much and I want nothing more than to love her and have her love me in return.  I can remember as a child of four having her as my best friend, and I want that closeness again.  

I have prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed some more for healing for our relationship, wept tears for it, and pleaded with God for an end to whatever is causing this division between us.  I know that I have not been perfect. I know that I have hurt her very deeply, but since she won't speak to me, there's no way that I can make amends or explain myself.  The wall remains between us.

Two days ago, witnessing a Facebook conversation between my older sister and my youngest sister, the pain of it was too much and I went on a walk to pray over it.  I decided right then and there that if this was the cross that Jesus was asking me to carry, it was a small price to pay and I would thank Him and trust Him to bring about some great good with it.  I thanked Him for the honor of being allowed to carry this small burden so that the world might better know Him through it.  I went home, hurting but believing that He would live up to His promise that all things work for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose, even this.

This morning, it struck me.  God has allowed me to suffer this so that I might know how He suffers for all those souls who treat Him like my sister treats me.  He so longs to shower them with His love, craves their affection and attention, works tirelessly to try and reach them, only to have them shut Him out of their life time and again, spit on Him, and treat Him like an enemy. He would love to heal their wounds, soothe whatever hurts they have, explain whatever misunderstandings have arisen between them - but they won't speak to Him, won't allow Him to explain Himself, won't give them a chance to show them His plan.  So, they are lost.

This morning, I woke up so grateful for this revelation, so filled with the knowledge that whatever torment I undergo on behalf of my sister it is nothing in comparison to what God has undergone for me and every other wayward child of His.  He needs my help to reach these poor souls, to help be the bridge between them so that they can reconcile with God and experience that powerful and unconditional love which God has waiting for them if they only were willing to take a sip from the fountain of His ever-flowing love.  

He needs your help, too.  Will you help Him, fellow Christian? Will you pursue those souls so in need of love? They won't be easy to reach.  They will shut you out for the least offense, swear at and curse you, tell you they don't want or need your help.  Whatever pains you suffer on their behalf, know that they are only a fraction of what Christ underwent for them and for you.  They are worth saving and even worth dying for no matter how awful their behavior may be. Adopt them.  Pray for them. Don't give up on them, for Christ did not give up on you.  Be willing to allow them to reject you, as Christ allowed you to reject Him. If you're willing, God can use the help.

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