Friday, May 10, 2013

Attention: Catholic Writers

As some of you are aware, I write not only this blog but a couple of others.  I'm also writing books on writing.  I have been struggling with how to pursue both without losing sight of my vision of teaching God's people how much He loves them, and I realized today that I have an opportunity to help develop Catholic writers and promote Catholic teaching at the same time through this blog.

I've been learning a lot about marketing books lately, and one of the recommended strategies is to put your eBook up for free for a period of time and then see if you can't make it to the top of the Amazon charts which will help your book when it comes off the free period to really shine.  There are plenty of free eBook promotion sites out there, but most of them charge the authors quite a pretty penny for their work.  I have decided to offer my own services on a donation basis to Catholic authors.  The rules are that the book doesn't have to be Catholic, but you do, and the book can't teach anything that would contradict Catholic teaching.

If you just want your book listed on this site, the suggested donation is $1.  Just email me the dates of your free period, the title, an image, and a two sentence description. I'll put the listing on my site.  I require 2 weeks notice beforehand to have enough time to get the listing active.

If you want your book listed on the site and want a blog post on your book, the suggested donation is $5.  Email me the dates of your free period, the title, an image, and provide me an article between 400-700 words long that contains information about you, what you love about being Catholic, how you got started writing, why you write, and how your Catholic faith influences your writing.  I will post the article during your free promotion period and submit it to my twitter feed as well as to my personal Facebook fan page.  Please allow 2 weeks notice beforehand and articles must be submitted 1 week before the free period so that I have time to review them and edit them if necessary.

In either case, you will also need to send me a copy of the book so that I have a chance to read it. I will not post anything that goes against Catholic teaching. Emails should be sent to brandy at with the notation that it is for a free ebook promotion. Donations are not required for me to help promote your materials, but they do help defray my expenses and allow me to continue helping you by paying me for the time it takes me to do this.  They are greatly appreciated.

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