Monday, May 20, 2013

Dialogue with the Holy Spirit

Today, I did something I haven't done in a long time. I was prompted to do it while listening to a seminar for authors. I listened for, and wrote down what I heard from, the Holy Spirit. I'm going to share it with you. I have no idea what some of it means yet, but perhaps that isn't really important right now. Perhaps in the sharing of it the meaning will begin to become clear.  Here it is:

My Little Heart,

How I rejoice to speak to you today and how much I wish you would come to me more often. You fear much, but you have no reason to fear. I am always with you. You fear that you cannot do but these things you have already done. You hesitate when what is needed is simply for you to move forward. Have you forgotten so soon what I have taught you? Fear nothing, move boldly, let your feet not hesitate nor falter, for I am here with you. Let not your littleness be of concern, for your smallness is to my advantage. Through the weak, I chastise the strong.

You fear that you can’t write, but this is a gift I have given to you. You have only to claim it, and I will do the rest. You were meant for greater things than you have yet dared to dream, so move boldly and do not hesitate in the pursuit. Claim what is yours, beloved, and know the love of your Father so that you may demonstrate His love and spread its message throughout the world. This is why you were born!

What shall I write next?

Write of songs and poems and dreams and things unseen since days of old. Write of love and loss and longing, for these are the words my people need to hear, the words whispered in their ears and spoken in their hearts.

Can you be more specific? Remember that I am your special child, slow to comprehend and slower to understand. Please, Lord, speak plainly that I might know your will and knowing it, act upon it swiftly.

Twelve stars, twelve dreams, twelve things
Twelve days, twelve ways, twelve rememberings
Twelve the number, twelve the sign
Twelve who dance to God’s design
Twelve the river, twelve the flow
Twelve the way that men shall know
Twelve have spoken, twelve have sung
On the day the work’s begun
Twelve so tall and twelve so grand
Mark the fingers of God’s hand
Twelve the mystic circle’s end
Twelve the lines to whom He bends
Oh, Little Heart, do you not understand? Do you not see?
The Great Creator’s Mystery!

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