Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Good News About The Latest Vatican Scandal

If you haven't watched this breaking news of the latest Vatican scandal involving a homosexual prostitution ring, several priests, and some bishops, please do. It's hard to watch, but as hard as it is to see our church embroiled in yet another sex scandal, it's not cause for alarm.  It's actually cause for celebration.  This may sound crazy, but I'm genuinely grateful this scandal is coming to light.  Why, I am sure you are asking yourself, is a devoted Catholic who loves her Church and defends it with everything she has so happy about something that will assuredly cause the Church much grief and to lose credibility in the eyes of many? Because it affirms that God is not about to let the gates of Hell prevail against His Church.

You see, there are many who are within the Church right now who are trying desperately to take her down.  They know her for the threat she is to those who wish to do evil and they want her crippled and disabled so that they can continue to work their evil in secret.  This is the real reason the Church is so vilified by so many.  She stands in their way and will not budge.

So, when I see something like this, I know that this is God cleaning house.  He is working to protect the Church from those who have infiltrated her ranks and hoped to take down the Church that God built.  I know that this is most likely just the tip of the iceburg and that there will be plenty more revelations before this is all said and done.  I know in my heart that there are networks of wolves who have hidden themselves in our midst, but the time for purging our ranks of those wolves is now.  Praise God that what has been done in the darkness is about to be shouted from the rooftops, because when the cleaning is done what will be left of the Church will be those souls who are true believers, and truly Catholic.  The pretenders will be exposed for the frauds they are, no longer able to deceive or betray our Church.

So, yes, there's a part of me that's doing a happy dance to finally see these things come to light, even as I grieve the souls of those who have been harmed by the evil in our midst.  I know that this process won't be easy, quick, or painless, but it will bring about a greater good and will ultimately be good for all who are faithful.  God's separating the chaffe from the wheat, and the threshing floor is going to be filled with the husks of those who sought to do harm to our beloved Church.  Praise God!

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