Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The World Needs You

The world needs you. Will you rise to the occasion or surrender to obscurity?

The world needs what you alone possess. It needs your unique blend of experiences, skills, talents, and training.  Will you step forward and serve or will you continue to hide in the shadows?

The world needs your greatness.  It needs you to become everything you were meant to be and to lay claim to the destiny that was laid out for your before you were even born.  It needs you to reject mediocrity and fully realize the potential within you.  Will you?

The time for heroes is now, the place for them is here, and the choice is yours.  The world needs you, but it needs your best.  From this point forward you must commit to give everything over to becoming what you were meant to be.  You can walk away and forget about this, but know that there will be no one else who can do what you were meant to do.  People everywhere will suffer greatly because you chose to reject your calling.

Once you set your foot on this quest, there is no turning back. There is no way to undo the changes that will be made to you in every aspect of your life.  You will be forever marked by the battles you fight, though the scars will not be visible to the naked eye.  You must abandon everything you were so that you may become everything you were meant to be. 

The path of the hero will not be easy.  Many are the obstacles both within and without that face the soul who dares to claim their destiny and follow their true calling in life. Many will hate you for doing what they lack the courage to do and many more will shun what you do because they don't understand why you do it.

You will be a knife, cutting away the cancers that are slowly draining our world of its life.  You will become a weapon, your blade forged in sorrow and tempered with repeated blows, until you are so finely sharpened you are at last capable of being used to defend those who are cannot defend themselves.  Nobody likes the knife because it brings the pain, even when the knife is necessary to save lives.  Nobody wants the weapon because the weapon is dangerous, though necessary to defend the weak.  You will be needed, but you won’t be liked.

You must be prepared to travel alone at times, often in the dark, in circumstances that might frighten or lend to despair. Your sole comfort must be your knowledge that the narrow path you follow will one day lead to a better world for these same people who mock and demean you now. You must be committed enough to the good that will come that you choose to continue the hero's quest.  Do you have what it takes? 

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