Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Danger of Fear

Jesus repeatedly tells his followers, "Be not afraid". No matter what the situation, even when a storm is threatening to capsize their boat and it would seem they have good reason to fear, Jesus tells them not to give in to fear.  It's a tough thing to ask in a world full of uncertainties and dangers, but this isn't even a request that He makes of us.  It's a commandment, and I think I know why.

Fear causes people to act stupid.  We fear that we won't have enough, so we hoard.  We fear that we'll get hurt, so we refuse to engage in relationships. We fear that we won't be a good parent, so we refuse to open ourselves up to children.  We allow fear to divide us and to turn our neighbors into strangers we view with suspicion. Fear keeps us locked up, locked down, and unable to achieve the things we were meant to achieve.

Today is a good day to put your faith in God and give up your fear.  Let it go, and let God surprise you.  He may not do what you want Him to do, He may not act as quickly as you'd like, but His ways are always the better ways.  You may experience the storm, but He will not allow you to be overtaken by it.

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