Monday, August 19, 2013

Time to Get Organized

I admit it. Most of my life tends to be a bit of a chaotic mess.  As part of my first step in amending my life, and bringing some much needed order to it, I am creating a posting schedule for my blog.  I think this will help me to be more consistent, as some of my silence has been due to the fact that I'd run out of ideas or inspirations for making blog posts.  Choosing a theme for each day of the week will at least give me a starting point and will allow me to work some in advance, allowing me to avoid being thrown off by life events as they may occur.

Here is the proposed schedule for posting, effective tomorrow:

Sunday Mass

I will spend each Sunday exploring the meaning, the manners, and the methods of the Mass.  Occasionally, I may also post about my personal experiences in Mass.

Marian Mondays

I will devote each Monday to exploring Marian devotions, Marian apparitions, Marian movements, and historical events involving Mary.

Time Line Tuesdays

Time Line Tuesdays will be an opportunity for us to look at Church history, starting with the Resurrection and moving forward through time. It's not just about me educating you, this is about me doing my homework and learning more about the Church and then presenting my findings for you to explore.  If you like history, you will likely enjoy this segment.

Working Wednesdays

Wednesdays are when I will explore what it means to live our faith in the business place, and how we can bring Christ with us to work even if we may not be able to directly mention His name.

Theology Thursdays

Theology Thursdays are going to be a chance to dive in to the teachings of the early Church fathers, the encyclicals and writings of the saints of the past, and start finding out together what the Church REALLY teaches from the best and most reliable sources.

Family Fridays

On Fridays, we'll focus on family life and family matters for Catholics.  Family Fridays will cover a little bit of everything, from food to fun to relationships and more.

Saintly Saturdays

Each week, I'll devote one day to learning more about one of the thousands of saints that have died defending the faith and your right to practice it.  Some of these will be well-known, and some will be more obscure.  We'll learn them together.

I hope you're as excited about this schedule as I am, and I hope you'll join me each day as we explore life as an everyday Catholic.

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