Friday, September 6, 2013

Family Fridays: Peach Mango Smoothie Recipe

My son has decided to join the military when he graduates from high school next year.  As a result, the military has decided that my son needs to put on some weight and to help him do that, they have recommended that he add protein powder to his drinks every meal.  The stuff doesn't taste horrible, but it's very thick and so I was searching for a some creative ways to add it to his diet.  That's when I came up with the very fabulous and oh-so-tasty recipe for a peach mango smoothie.

I have tried this same recipe with strawberry banana yogurt and bananas, but it is not as flavorful and, in my opinion, not as good.  It's best if the mangos are fully ripe and the peach yogurt has real fruit chunks.  You might even be able to get away with using real peaches and plain yogurt, but I haven't tried it that way so I can't vouch for the taste. 

Now, the recipe the way I make it comes out very thick, like an incredibly creamy milkshake.  If you want it a little thinner, you can add more milk.  I felt full for hours after drinking one (yes, I made it for myself first to be sure that it would be good), so it would make an excellent breakfast-on-the-go, too. Much healthier and with far less sugar than your average packet that you buy from the store.  Plus, it is very easy to make.   The hardest part, to be honest, is cutting the mango beforehand and cleaning the blender afterward.  You could even make a large batch ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator for grab-and-go ease of use, or just to reduce the overall amount of work you have to do.  

Now, without further ado, I offer you the recipe:
Take 4 oz of milk, 4 oz of peach yogurt, 1 mango (remove skin and pit before adding to blender), and 1 scoop of vanilla flavored whey powder.  Blend on high until smooth, pour, and drink.  

If you enjoy the recipe, pass it on. Feel free to pin the picture, too. 

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