Monday, October 28, 2013

Time to Start a Revolution

I woke up this morning from a dream that I know came straight from God, so this is what I'm blogging about today. Fellow Catholics (and non-Catholics, too), it's time to start a revolution. It's fairly clear that our country is headed in a direction away from God, and we need a reboot. However, we are called upon by Christ to remember that our fight is not against people, but against the forces of darkness. 
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." - Ephesians 6:12
 In light of that, I challenge each Catholic family to pick up your rosaries, starting today, and follow these steps for a Catholic style revolution:


You all know at least one elected or appointed government official that you can't stand. Instead of grumbling or complaining about that person and their mismanagement of affairs, adopt them.  Make it your job to pray for their souls each and every day.

Recruit your families and prayer groups

This isn't a battle you have to fight alone. Christ promises us that whenever two or more of us agree to ask for anything on this earth, He will grant it.  If we are asking for the conversion of heart for the official that we've chosen, God will do everything He can - short of circumventing free will - in order to make that happen because that's something He already wants.  The more members we have joining us in prayer, the better the results will be.

Alleviate Fear

Fear is your enemy, and it's the one thing you'll have to fight hardest against. I see it everywhere.  There's fear that our actions won't matter, fear that we're not powerful enough to fight back, even fear that it's too late.  We, as Christians, need to remind ourselves that we serve a God of awesome power and strength.  There is no action that goes to waste. He uses everything to serve His plans and His purposes, and He will use our prayers to bring about good even if they do not directly result in the conversion of the person for whom we are praying.

Be Specific & Intentional

Prayer for people in leadership positions is good, but prayer is best when it's attached to a specific person for a specific purpose.  When we pray for someone by name and for a specific, named intention, we focus our prayers like a laser beam and are able to effect change more quickly.

Focus on the conversion of hearts and minds

This is a fight to win hearts and minds. Focus your prayers in that area, asking that God open up their hearts to receive His love and their minds to receive His truth.  Encourage others to do the same.

We don't need guns or weapons of any kind to fight this war, for we already have the most powerful of all: our faith in Christ Jesus.

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