Friday, November 15, 2013

Is God Evil?

The most common declaration I have heard from atheists is that because evil exists in this world - for the good and the innocent are allowed to suffer right alongside the wicked - there must either be no God at all or else there is a God but He is evil. If He is evil, why is there joy and happiness and good things to be found in this world? Why is there love? What could possibly be the purpose of allowing those things to exist if He is truly evil and wants nothing but our misery?  

If God is Evil, it's understandable that good things happen to bad people. After all, perhaps He likes to reward those who incite misery in the hearts of others. However, what isn't understandable under the premise of God being evil is why he also allows good things to happen to good people, since good people would not serve his end goal of bringing unhappiness to humanity. The logical conclusion is that God can't be evil because good does exist in this world. 

Now we come to the supposition that God doesn't exist. This supposition is illogical. He exists because men think of him.  Ideas are as much a part of existence as people, so to deny his existence is to deny that ideas exist. The question is, then, not whether God exists or not but whether God exists apart from man.  

This goes back to our earlier question about good and evil. Did good exist in the world before man? We know that creation existed before man did.  We know that animals are capable of love, and that love is good, and that scientists would tell us as does Scripture that animals existed before men.  Therefore, man cannot be the creator of God because God is love and God is goodness and these things existed before him.

Furthermore, we know that love is a learned thing, passed down from parent to child. A child who experiences no love or deeply flawed love grows up knowing only that, incapable of true love unless at some point they receive love sufficient enough to heal the wounds and are then able to learn to love. We have seen this among human beings and among animals. Therefore someone had to teach the first creatures who loved how to do it. Therefore love existed prior to even the creation of animals, and thus animals are not the creators of God either. God is not a fiction but a reality, and the world proves that.

The fact that you ponder the existence of God, His nature and His being, proves His reality. If He didn't exist, He could never come to mind. And, if He is trying to break through to you and communicate with you, then you must determine whether He is good or whether He is evil.  If He were evil, He wouldn't tolerate you questioning His existence. He wouldn't give you the ability to choose to love and serve Him. He wouldn't allow you to walk away. You would be forced to serve His whims whether you liked it or not. Thus, the only conclusion is that God is good, not evil.  Call upon Him, be angry with Him if you must, but talk to Him.  When you're ready, He'll reveal Himself to you and He will give you peace about the evils of this world.

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