Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Unexpected Blessings from Unexpected Places

This morning, I was discussing with a friend my desperate need to get home, the impatience I felt waiting, the difficulties I've had with getting work to come through that was supposed to come through so I could pay the things I needed to pay to actually get home. I had asked for help from a friend, but had been turned down. Another person who had said they would try, couldn't. Another who had said they would, didn't.  It was frustrating all around.

I posted a petition on my Facebook feed, a request for a loan for a month of the money I needed. I've done such things before, but rarely. I'm not big on asking for help that way. I don't like to burden other people with my problems. Help came faster than I expected it to come. First, two offers to pray for me. Then, an offer to help in a couple of weeks. Then, an actual person sending the money I needed.

The person who sent me the money is not wealthy. He lives, as I do, on the edge between having what he needs and having nothing. He is not trying to get anything from me. He has never been to my house. He does not go to my church. He does not share my religion. He and I have spoken only a handful of times. We are not related, and he does not even live in my country. Yet he saw my need and he understood it. So, he took a leap of faith and gave the last of what he had to help me.

All of the normal human reasons someone might give are absent. He owes me nothing and has no familial bond to tie us together. He is gaining nothing from the transaction, except the knowledge that he has helped another human being.  In the midst of all the news about the terrible things human beings are doing to one another, I share this story because I want you to remember that human beings are still doing wonderful things for one another, too.

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