Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Purpose and Meaning of Life

Your capacity for love is the true measure of success.
I sat listening yesterday, as I have so often, to someone who is feeling down and depressed about life. Troubled times have come their way once again, and they don't have any hope for a better future. It seems to them that they are always struggling, getting a few positives but so many more negatives that they don't feel its' worth the effort to try anymore. What's the point? they asked me. Why try when I'll only fail?

In the Face of Failure

I didn't have the words to give them last night, and I doubt these words would have consoled them anyway. They want a fast solution to the problems of today, and my words will not fix things. I cannot promise them a brighter future. I don't know what's coming ahead anymore than they do.

What I Do Know

This life has one purpose and one purpose only: it is a school in which we are to learn to love one another. This is why struggle, strife, and sorrow are found in this world. It is in struggle, strife, and sorrow that your ability to love others is tested to its maximum. Those tests strip away your delusions about how well you love others and show you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about who you really are.

The Tests of Love

Going hungry? Your test is to see whether or not you can love your neighbor enough to share the little that you have with him today. If not, you know that you have work to do in the area of generosity.

Pantry full of food? Your test is to see whether or not you love your neighbor enough to share your abundance with him.

Empty pockets? Your test is to see whether you can love your neighbor who has more than you without resenting them or pushing them away due to envy.

Rich? Your test is to see whether you can love your neighbor who has less than you without judging them for where they are in life and whether you are willing to sacrifice some of what you have to help them up when they are down.

Why Bad Times Exist

Every situation in life offers you an opportunity to love others. It's easiest to love others in good times, and harder to do in bad...that's why bad times are there. Bad times help you stretch your capacity for love, give you plenty of chances for self-reflection and opportunities for change.

The Truth about Success

You aren't a success or a failure in life based on what you have in your bank account or your wallet. You aren't a success or a failure in life based on how many degrees you have or how many titles are attached to your name. You are a success or a failure based on how well you love others no matter what's happening in your life.

A Chance to Change

The good news is that if you look at your life and you realize you're a failure, you have a chance to change. You can start making a concerted effort to love. You can take a look at where you are in that process and you can focus on doing that better. And, best of all, you don't have to wait for tomorrow or for circumstances to improve. You can start doing that right now.

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Share Your Thoughts

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