Thursday, December 17, 2015

Twenty Things I Did Today

Yesterday was the last day of my assignment with CardsDirect. It's a nerve wracking feeling to know that I don't have another job lined up yet. However, I took it to prayer and started my day with Daily Mass. Here was my list of things to do for today:

1) Contact my boss to get the hours I worked this week (I forgot to record them before I left).
2) Fill out my final timecard for APC (the temp agency).
3) Laundry
4) Update the Secret of the Lantern
5) Upload the updated book
6) Update my resume
7) Contact a temp service about scheduling a time for an interview/testing
8) Write a letter of recommendation for my sister's adoption papers
9) Write a video resume
10) Record the video resume
11) Edit the video resume
12) Upload the video resume
13) Apply for a job with updated paper and video resume
14)  Refer my friend Evelyn to my little sister for a job at State Farm
15) Refer my friend Derrall for the same thing
16) Collect Evelyn & Derrall's email addresses and pass them along
17) Collect necessary paperwork for applying for my new state ID
18) Apply for new state ID
19) Write a proposal to submit a new book to Ascension Press
20) Complete a font design I started earlier this week
21) Finish formatting a friend's book manuscript
22) Finish adjusting the cover I'd designed for her so she can upload both tonight
23) Create a friend's cover for her upcoming book
24) Create a book cover for the Elko County Writers' new anthology
25) Format the manuscript for the Elko County Writers' new anthology
26) Upload the manuscript for the Elko County Writers' new anthology
27) Update the manuscript for the previous anthology
28) Upload revised manuscript
29) Finish addressing Christmas cards
30) Mail Christmas cards
31) Finish Brookhollow Concierge website
32) Put together portfolio website

Yes, this was an outrageously optimistic list and I knew that I wouldn't get everything done. However, many of these things take just a few minutes and some of them I don't mind carrying over to the next day. How much have I actually accomplished? Quite a bit!

The only things left to do on my list? 18-32...and the night is still young. There's hope I may finish more before it's all said and done. This is what happens when I start my day with daily Mass and prayer.

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