Saturday, January 9, 2016

Daily Dose of Hope

Two days ago, I announced that I was reviving Everyday Catholic in my blog post, For Gold Is Tested In Fire. Yesterday, I reflected a little bit on the nature of hope and its relationship to gratitude in my blog post Hope and Gratitude. That blog post led me to thinking about how I might serve you and others better, about what I could do to spread more hope.

That’s when the idea came to me to write Daily Dose of Hope: 30 Lessons about Hope. You are going to get to read along as I write it. I’ll be posting a chapter per day every day right here on Everyday Catholic.

What It Will Cover

During the next 35 days, I will answer the 5 big questions people have about hope: What is hope? Why does hope matter? How can I recognize hope? What can I do to cultivate hope? What should I do if I’ve lost hope?

I’ll explain why God put hope into the hearts of mankind, and what that hope is designed to do. I’ll discuss hope’s unique quality of being both a gift and a virtue. I’ll also go over why faith in God is an important ingredient in cultivating hope, and why so many people are unable to hold on to their hope when times get tough.

For those who may be feeling the bitter sting of disappointment or the creeping darkness of despair, I will discuss why hope gets lost and how you can fight back and regain your hope when it’s been damaged or deflated by the trials you’ve undergone. I’ll also offer you concrete suggestions about how you can prevent hope from being lost in the first place.

Thank You for Your Help

I’m going to tell you how grateful and happy I am now that you have decided to join me and read along as I write this book every day. It’s encouraging to see you comment. I find that it’s so helpful to gain feedback from you, my beta readers, that is going to help make this book the best it can be. I’m truly excited to see you sharing these chapters to your friends and family as you partner with me in bringing hope to a world that is in desperate need of it.

My Promise to You

I promise to you that if you will sign up for your daily dose of hope by subscribing to my mailing list and registering, you will not only be able to start your day with a daily dose of hope, but you will receive an ebook version of this book when it is ready for print.

It’s not going to be the same book you’ve been reading, because I will be making improvements to the content based on your feedback and suggestions, but it will be an amazing collaboration between you and I.

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Bookmark This Page

Don’t miss out on a single chapter. Bookmark this page and come back here each day. I’ll be posting the links to the new chapters here, so don’t miss out. 

Chapter 1: Hope: A Gift from God
Chapter 2: The Virtue of Hope
Chapter 3: Love: Hope's Wellspring
Chapter 4: Hope and God's Goodness
Chapter 5: Hope and God's Unconditional Love
Chapter 6: Proof of God's Unconditional Love
Chapter 7: Hope in Greater Things
Chapter 8: Hope and Perseverance
Chapter 9: Hope in the Manure of Life
Chapter 10: Hope Gets Us Moving
Chapter 11: Hope Challenges Us
Chapter 12: Hope and Becoming Our Best Selves
Chapter 13: Finding Hope When Faith Is Missing
Chapter 14: Recognizing Real Hope
Chapter 15: Recognizing Hope and the Apostle's Creed
Chapter 16: Recognizing Hope and the Hail Mary
Chapter 17: Hope and the Our Father
Chapter 18: Hope and the Glory Be
Chapter 19: Hope and Your Weaknesses
Chapter 20: Hope and the Sign of the Cross
Chapter 21: Hope and the Mysteries of the Rosary
Chapter 22: The Joyful Mysteries and Hope
Chapter 23: The Luminous Mysteries and Hope
Chapter 24: Hope and the Sorrowful Mysteries
Chapter 25: Hope and the Eucharist
Chapter 26: Hope and the Glorious Mysteries
Chapter 27: Hope and the Sacrament of Baptism
Chapter 28: Hope and the Sacrament of Confirmation
Chapter 29: Hope and the Sacrament of Reconciliation
Chapter 30: Hope and the Sacrament of Matrimony
Chapter 31: Hope and the Sacrament of Holy Orders
Chapter 32: Hope and the Anointing of the Sick
Chapter 33: Hope and the Mass
Chapter 34: Hope and Community
Chapter 35: Hope and the Power of Prayer

Growing Hope One Share at a Time

There’s no doubt that people need hope. However, finding sources of hope is difficult. You certainly won’t find it in the news outlets, and you aren’t likely to find it watching online cat videos. You can help to grow hope a little every day by sharing this blog with others. It takes just a second to do, and you’ll be growing hope with every click of the button.

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