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The Writer's Rosary

The Rosary as we know it, with the exception of the Luminous Mysteries, has been part of the Catholic Church for almost a thousand years. It was introduced by Our Lady to St. Dominic in the year 1208, a time not unlike our own.

The Church was under attack from all sides. Muslims came across the Mediterranean Sea to take over much of Spain by force and were threatening to take yet more lands.

Internally, the Albigensian heresy was attacking the very roots of the Church, convincing people that evil was good and good was evil. They rejected heaven, hell, and the very concept of a moral code.

It was a dangerous time for men of faith, and it was into this volatile sea of problems that St. Dominic set out to win back the souls that were being lost in the battle.

Frustrated with his failures and defeats, working day and night only to produce no converts, chased out of towns and had stones thrown at him, he didn't know what he was doing wrong. Discouraged and distraught, he turned to Our Blessed Mother for help. 

It was during this time, when he was busy praying and fasting, that he received the Rosary and Mary's admonition
'Wonder not that you have obtained so little fruit by your labors, you have spent them on barren soil, not yet watered with the dew of Divine grace. When God willed to renew the face of the earth, He began by sending down on it the fertilizing rain of the Angelic Salutation. Therefore preach my Psalter composed of 150 Angelic Salutations and 15 Our Fathers, and you will obtain an abundant harvest.'
Equipped with the ultimate weapon of grace, he was able to go out and win over the hearts of many. The tide began to turn in the favor of the Church. Battles were won, both spiritual and physical, wherever the Rosary was recited by the faithful with confidence and trust.

What is it about this prayer that is so powerful? What secrets does it contain that men can find in it both strength and consolation? It seems incredible that simply praying the 20 mysteries of the Rosary should be enough, but there is a logic to its power.

Contained in the Rosary is the Story of Love and His efforts to enter into the heart of every human being and to be born there. It is the Story of Hope's birth and growth in the life of the faithful. It is the story of Faith's testing and its death and resurrection for still more glorious things to come. And it is the story of the power of Love to nurture and nourish the faithful along the way.

Writing is the cross and the crucifixion at times, and the glory and the resurrection at others. The Writer's Rosary is designed to help you stay sane while you are working on writing, publishing, and promoting your book. In 26 chapters that draw on the power of story telling to help you connect with the Scriptural passages contained in the Rosary, you'll see the parallels between the journey you're on and the life, death, and resurrection of Christ along with the experience of his apostles. It's the Lectio divina meets the Rosary entwined with Scripture for a fully faithful, fully Catholic experience.

This is your invitation to join the Beta Readers Book Club for Everyday Catholic. You will get to read the chapters as they are written and your feedback will be used to make the product its very best. Plus, you'll be notified when the book is finished and ready for publication so you can grab your copy before anyone else. If you'd like to be part of the Beta Readers Book Club, sign up below

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