Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What Are You Filling Yourself With Today?

I've spent the last few days fighting with worry and grappling with fear. I know that I am not supposed to give in to those things, but it is hard to do when you feel like your back is up against a wall and there's no way out. However, today, I received an important insight that I wanted to share with you because it goes right back to finding hope in hard times.

There's Only So Much Room In Your Heart and Your Head

You are a finite, limited being. Surprising, right? You probably already know that intellectually, but do you grasp the reality of it? That means you only have so much room in your head and your heart to carry things. In order to make room for more of one thing, you must push something else out of the way.

You Control the Gateway

Here's the hard part to believe. You actually control what comes in and what gets pushed out. It's a choice even if you aren't aware that you are making a choice. You can choose to shut the gate on what you don't want and invite in what you do want.

Dismissing What You Don't Want

Do you want fear? Do you want worry? Do you want loneliness? Do you want chaos? Do you want regret? Do you want guilt? Do you want shame? Do you want anger? Do you want depression? If you don't want those things, you need to tell them they are no longer welcome in your life. You invited them into your life with the choices you made in the past, but you don't have to let them stay a part of your life. They can be told to leave and you can force them to leave.

Bringing In What You Do Want

What is it you want in your life? Do you want love? Do you want peace? Do you want joy? Do you want good health? Do you want hope? Then you need to make them welcome. You need to tell them that you want them in your life. You need to ask them to fill every corner of your life with those things so that there's no room for them anymore. Sure, it sounds crazy, but those things have a life of their own and if you want them in your life, you need to invite them to be part of it. Otherwise, they are going to do what any polite person does and they won't come or stay with you because they see that you don't want them there.

The Things You Don't Want Won't Go Without a Fight

Let's be honest. If you've allowed those things into your life for a long time, they've made a home for themselves. How would you feel if you got yourself established and comfortable and then someone decided to kick you out? You'd fight for it, even if you knew you didn't actually belong there. These negative things you've allowed into your life are going to fight to get back in to your head and your heart. You're going to have to be aware of them knocking at the door and then firmly but politely tell them to leave. You're going to have to keep making a habit of telling them to go away and then inviting the good things to replace them.

Every Time You Grow, You'll Be Creating More Room

When you grow mentally, spiritually, or emotionally, you create more room in your head and your heart for the positive things or the negative things to fill up. Since you've allowed the negative to have control over your life up to this point, it's going to hang around waiting for the opportunity to get back inside and take back its comfortable space. When you grow, you'll find yourself having this same battle come up again. However, the battle gets easier the more aware of the fight you become and the more prepared you are to deal with it.

What You Fill Yourself With Is What Radiates From You

If you are filled with fear, you will radiate fear and people will run from you. If you fill yourself with anger, you will radiate anger and people will become angry whenever they come in contact with you. Put in positive, though, and you start building toward more positive results.

The Math That Backs Me Up

You are zero. You are the perfection of possibility. Whatever you put into yourself, that's what you're going to get back out of yourself. Add positive, you'll get positive things. Add negative, you'll get negative things. If you've been adding negative to negative for a long time, you're going to have to start adding a whole lot of positive into your life before you're going to tip the scales back in your favor. Think of the number line. If you start off at -5, it takes adding 6 positive things before you have cleared out all the negative and can begin building on the positive work you're doing. So don't get discouraged if it takes some time to see positive results. Just know that every step forward matters.

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