Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Selling God: Creating the Comparison

In the last post on entering their world, I told you I would help give you guidelines for how to create the comparison that shows them what is possible for their lives if they adopt your solution.

You’ve aligned with your past and you have painted the picture of what was taking place in your life at that point. It’s time to create the “after” picture. This is a demonstration of the solution at work. It’s your proof that what you have to offer really works.

Where are you in your life after having applied the solution? How has the solution helped you to overcome the biggest challenge you were facing back then? How did it help you to resolve your worries, your concerns, and the frustrations arising from that situation? What did you discover that your real problem was and how did this solution help you to find and eliminate the true source of your problems?

How does it feel to live the lifestyle you do now? What is the best part about being where you are now compared to where you were then? How do you feel about yourself as a result of the changes you’ve made? How has it impacted your relationships with other people?

How do you see yourself differently than you did then? How do you see the people who are where you were back then? Do you still want to be like them? Why not? What has changed about how you see things? How do you see the people who are where you are now? What changed your perspective?

What things matter most to you in life now? What do you spend most of your free time doing? Why? What matters least to you? Why don’t you care about those things anymore? Why don’t you think they matter? How do you feel about the difference between your priorities now and your priorities then?

What are your greatest hopes and ambitions now? Why do you want those things? What do you think it will do to change your life if you get them? When you compare your hopes and dreams now with the hopes and dreams you had then, how does that make you feel about yourself and your future?
What do you know about the solution you offer that you didn’t know then? What experiences have you had since those days that have changed how you view the solution now?

Creating this comparison for them allows them to see a potential outcome that they may never have imagined was possible. It also gets them to question their assumptions about the source of the problems and what the potential solutions are to their problem.

If you’ve never spent the time to really think about what the solution has done for you or changed for your life, this can be a really eye-opening experience. It will certainly deepen your appreciation for it.
When you’re selling a product that you didn’t create, your personal testimonial is the absolute best proof you can offer because it’s third party verification of what the product can do for someone. As long as your testimony is authentic and genuine, it’s not being paid for by someone else, your intentions are sincere, and you’re transparent about it, this is a powerful way to reach past your prospect’s defenses.

If it is your product and you developed it, or you are being compensated to promote it, you’ll need additional testimonials from people who aren’t paid, who have direct experience with what your product can do for them, and who are willing to share that information with your prospect in order to provide that same level of confidence.

Next Post: Share the Lessons

You have shown them where you were and compared it to where you are now. It's time to open up and share the lessons you learned to get there so they can follow along with your journey.

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