Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Selling God: Find Your Message

In yesterday's post on selling God, I explained that your mess would help you identify the audience that your message would appeal to and showed you the process I use to do that. Today, I'm going to help you find your message in the middle of all that mess.

Why You Want to Share

Your message is the reason why you want to share your product, your service, or your faith with the other person. It’s the reason why you care enough about your prospect’s future to step out and face the risk of rejection so that you can share it with them.

An Invitation to Join You On Your Journey

This is an invitation to your prospect walk with you on your journey so they can see it through your eyes and judge for themselves whether or not they would like to take the steps you did to get where you are. You are not trying to force them to do anything. You are inviting them to come with you.

Open Their Eyes to Possibilities

Your message, and the authenticity of it, allows the other party to see what can be possible for them if they are willing to follow the path you walked. It lets them know that you understand what they’ve been through and where they are because you’ve been through it and you’ve been there, too. It builds the empathy between the two of you that will get them interested in hearing more.

Answer Their Unspoken Questions

A well-crafted message is designed to answer the prospect’s often unspoken questions. Some people will be bold enough to straight out ask you. Many won’t think to ask because they won’t know enough to ask. Others won’t ask because they think it’s impolite or rude. Those questions, however, will remain obstacles until they are addressed even if the prospect hasn’t spoken them.

What Can I Expect To Receive?

The first question the message answers for them is what they can expect to receive if they adopt the solution you are presenting to them. They want to know what comes with the package, both good and bad, everything they will receive, and they like for those details to be as specific as possible.

What Challenges and Obstacles Will I Face?

When you’re letting them know what to expect, total transparency matters because they also want to know what challenges and obstacles might be in their way when trying to adopt this new solution. They want to know about those things, and they want to know what you’ve done to handle them or what you recommend.

What Else Is Out There?

The next question they need you to answer is about the alternative solutions and competitors in your field. Be prepared to let them know what alternative solutions you tried, what your results were, and why you ultimately abandoned those solutions to adopt your current solution.

They will have their own experiences with alternative solutions and they will be comparing notes to see if your experiences match their own, or if you had different experiences they need to know about and understand.

What Was Your Experience?

They want to know about how your life changed after you found the solution you’re currently employing and what your results have been, and how long you’ve been employing this solution. It matters to them to see a transformation, a picture of your before and after experience, because your transformation is what will ultimately get them to accept your solution.

Why Does This Matter To You?

You need to be prepared to explain why you care about their decision and what you are willing to do to continue supporting them in their efforts to find a solution that works for them, even if that solution isn’t the one you’re currently using. After all, if helping them change their life is your goal, any progress they make toward that goal is one you should be supporting.

Trust your solution enough to know that they will eventually figure out the defects of alternative solutions for themselves if you keep presenting benefits that are superior to what they are receiving. That’s why the relationship is key. They need to be able to collect enough data points to notice the differences for themselves.

What Will This Cost Me?

Finally, your message should include an explanation of the costs of your solution, why you feel it is worth every penny they will pay to achieve the results your solution promises to provide, and what steps they must take in order to adopt that solution for themselves. 

Tomorrow's Post: Enter Their World

You have found the message in your mess, now it's time to take that message and figure out how to use it to appeal to them. It's time to enter their world and see what it is that they need to hear from you.

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