Monday, October 3, 2016

You Harvest What You Plant

Plant a grape seed, reap grapes for a harvest. Plant an apple seed, reap apples for a harvest. That's not just a law of nature. It's a law of business and of life, too.

What you plant is what you will get in return. In business, planting is investing. Wherever you are willing to invest, that is where you will get your return.

Plant money, you will get money. Plant time, you will get time. Plant love, you will get love.

Your harvest will be as abundant as the planting you did. If you plant money in abundance, you will get money in abundance. If you plant time in abundance, you will reap an abundant harvest of time. If you plant love in abundance, you will find your harvest of love is abundant.

All things take time to grow. The bigger the thing is that you are trying to grow, the longer the time that it takes between the planting and the harvesting.

You can't neglect what you're trying to grow while you're waiting for the harvest, either. You must keep tending it, keep looking after its needs, keep cultivating it. Patience, persistence, and attentiveness are required.

If what you are harvesting in your life is not what you would like to be harvesting, consider that you may subconsciously be planting things you don't want in your life.

Fear is a seed that, once planted, grows quickly and can choke the life out of the good things you are trying to plant if you let it. It's a weed that must constantly be plucked from your garden for your other plants to grow healthy and strong.

Be careful what you plant. There are no shortcuts to getting where you want to go, except to ask the advice of others who are experienced at growing what you want to grow.

Plant injustice, you will harvest an abundance of people being unfair to you. Plant intolerance, and people will not tolerate your mistakes or your missteps. Plant impatience, and no one will want to wait for you. Plant greed, and you will surround yourself with people who only hang around to get what portion of the harvest they can from you. Plant stinginess, and people will not want to share with you. Plant fear, and the people around you will be immobilized with fear.

It is up to you what you plant in this garden of life. Choose wisely, choose carefully, and tend the seeds you plant with vigilance so that the weeds have no chance to overtake them.

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